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Job Information
Job title Factory Director
Work location Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Ninh Binh
Company profile

NEW WORLD FASHION GROUP PLC (“NWFG”), a leading supplier of ladies fashion, Head office in Hai Phong City, Rep office and design in London, Rep Office Ho Chi Minh City 4 factories in North Vietnam named Dong Tai Co., Yen Of London Co., Excel Tailoring Co., Westfield Co. and 1 factory in South Vietnam named Nam of London. All fully owned by NWFG.

Due to the rapid growth of the business and our expansion in Garments and Property areas we are looking for candidates of the highest caliber to join our well established and highly successful company.

Company size 5000-9999 (employees)
Job description


1. In production – business activities

•     Make plans, instructions for production activities.

•     Implementing, directing and managing production activities in accordance to the approved plan / norm.

•     Ensure completion of the production plan / targets

•     Approve and ensure standards / quality for the design of the production equipment system.

•     Management, guidance, training to improve professional skills / production / production process for workers in the use and operation of property / means / equipment / machinery of the Company.

•     Manage, inspect and supervise and take responsibility for the results, quality and labor safety for all work, production processes and products of the workers at the factory.

•     Be present in time to deal with accidents / disputes arising at the factory and promptly take steps to prevent / remedy the damages to the plant, the company and the employees.

•     Inspect and supervise all activities at the factory to promptly detect any incidents / errors (existing or potential) that cause or threaten to cause damage to production / property / people. at the factory. Simultaneously, immediately report to the top management on these incidents / errors.

•     Checking, assessing and reporting weekly on the production situation, labor efficiency, production process and abnormalities (if any) at the factory.

2. In personnel – administration

•     Make plan and recruitment of personnel at the factory. Participating in the process of checking and evaluating candidates recruited to work in the factory.

•     Manage and supervise the implementation of the rights and duties of employees in accordance with the labor contract and the internal regulations of the company.

•     Check and supervise all activities at the factory to timely detect violations of labor discipline in the factory and immediately report to top management.

•     Checking, assessing and reporting monthly on personnel situation and irregularities in personnel (if any) at the factory.

3. In occupational safety and health

•     Make plans / proposals for occupational safety and health (understood as including but not limited to fire and explosion prevention, labor safety in production and sanitation) at the factory and submit to top management for approval.

•     Ensure that occupational safety and health measures are applied at the factory in accordance with the regulations The law, in accordance with the production situation at the factory.

•     Implementing, directing and managing the work safety and hygiene at the factory in accordance with the policies / plans of the authorized level of the company.

•     Take the necessary measures to ensure occupational safety and health at the factory.

•     Regularly scheduled monthly inspections and inspections of fire and explosion prevention and control, labor safety and environmental sanitation at the factory.

•     Ensure safety for workers at the factory during production, prevent any fire, explosion, pollution or the like, resulting in loss of production / property / people at the factory.

•     Organize occupational safety and health training for workers at the factory according to the internal regulations of the Company.

•     Regularly perform and periodically check the sanitation of equipment, machinery and areas in the factory.

•     Checking, assessing and reporting monthly on occupational safety and health and any abnormalities (if any) at the factory.

4. In factory asset management

•     Organize, coordinate with related units to inspect, inventory and evaluate the status of assets / vehicles / equipment / machinery of the Plant (hereinafter referred to as “Assets”).

•     Regularly check every month and check for unusual property. At the same time, planning and implementing repair, maintenance of the property at the factory.

•     Inspecting and monitoring all properties at the factory in order to detect and promptly handle property damage / loss, ensuring no interruption of normal production activities at the factory.

•     Inventory, evaluate and report monthly on the status of the Property and abnormalities (if any) at the factory.

•     Perform other tasks as assigned by the authorized person of the Company.


•     University degree or above with specialization in Human Resource Management, Law, Business Administration, …

•     Work experience of at least 10 years in the factory and at least 3 years in the equivalent position of the factory scale over 1000 people.

•     English, computer proficiency.

•     Ability to communicate and negotiate well

•     Ability to coordinate work, ability to link people and under pressure, high work intensity.

•     Have creativity, logical thinking, vision and good planning.

Compensation and Benefits

•     Salary: Negotiable

•     Dynamic and sociable working environment

•     The opportunity to have a stable and long-term work,

•     Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and other benefits

•     Bonus by individual ability and company’s profit

Type of working Full-time
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Nam & Co Building, Pham Van Dong Road, Anh Dung Ward, Duong Kinh Dist., Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Tel: +84 225 3581 903 / 04  Ext. 132